Redback for Residential Households

As a brand you can trust, eko energy provides residential energy storage systems that are the perfect complement to a solar system. They help store excess energy for use overnight or to export back to the grid when you have more than you need.

Eko Energy is an approved retailer of one of the most innovative products in the home energy storage industry, Redback. For energy storage systems in Victoria and New South Wales, look no further. This cutting-edge energy storage system is a scalable domestic battery storage solution that offers a range of features and benefits for the modern, energy efficient home:

  • Store up to 11.6kWh
  • Offset high energy pricing during peak times and take control of your energy usage
  • Prevent blackouts, ensuring the most important things in your home always stay up and running

A Redback Battery system is free standing, has a compact, modern design and includes:

  • High definition, 1-minute interval monitoring so you can see how much energy your solar system is producing and how much energy you are consuming
  • The ability to turn your relay controlled devices on through your app from anywhere in the world

Redback battery storage systems are sold together with a solar PV system and cannot currently be retrofitted without a solar PV system from eko energy. 

How it works