With over 9,000 residential solar PV installations around Australia, we are experts at helping you save money, reduce your electricity consumption and lower your carbon emissions. 
“It’s very clear that this team cares about their customers and took every effort to make it easy for me. The savings are also fantastic and I sleep better at night knowing my system is saving money and the environment!”
Gil Hotchkiss
6.6kW solar PV system
“It is a delight to see a young, very professional, and enthusiastic team headed by competent managers deliver high quality, green, high tech products to Victorian households.”
Thurai Vinay
6.48kW solar PV system
“We were refered to eko energy initially by my parents, who commented how neat their installation was. [eko energy were] very knowledgeable and helped us select a system that matched our needs.”
Jaydn Hubalek
6.66kW solar PV system