Create your own free, clean
energy from the Sun


Monitor and control, in real-time how
you are consuming energy


Store excess energy
for use in peak times


Get the best deal on
your energy bill


Dramatically reduce operating costs
with LED lighting

How It Works

1Call eko or complete the online form and request a callback.
2We will return your call within minutes and assess your needs over the phone.
3An eko energy expert will conduct a free site audit and make a recommendation of one or all of our products.
4We will provide you with a written proposal including estimated cost, energy savings, payback period & carbon emissions reductions.


  • Solar Panels installed Feb 20 along with LEDs throughout, plus some additional insulation in Dec 20. Electricity Bill for Mar21 showed a 56% reduction in usage compared to the previous year. A part bill at the end of Apr 21 also showed a 27% decrease. With a new supplier and a better Feed-In Tariff I will amortize the systems in just less than 3 years. Cant argue with the facts as well as personal gratification for going solar (green).

  • “Anthony (eko energy consultant) provided further support once I sent through our signed documents and walked me through the Solar Vic application process. He did not come across as just a sales consultant but more so as an expert in solar and someone that I can trust to help us through the process. ”

  • “It’s very clear that this team cares about their customers and took every effort to make it easy for me. The savings are also fantastic and I sleep better at night knowing my system is saving money and the environment!”

  • It is a delight to see a young, very professional, and enthusiastic team headed by very competent professionals deliver high quality, green, high tech products to Victorian households.

  • We have received excellent service from all at eko energy from the start of our project through to the post-installation inspection. We would highly recommend eko energy to family and friends. We cannot think of any way to improve on their service!

    Stephen Wood

    Swan Reach, Victoria. August, 2018
  • I am very happy with the service provided by eko energy, from the initial interview through to installation of the solar unit, it was a really smooth process.

    Yvonne Tully

    Glen Waverley, Victoria. August, 2018
  • Thank you for your assistance in going solar!

    Elizabeth Wilson

    Eaglemont, Victoria. August, 2017
  • eko energy provided a high level of service which was professional and efficient I would certainly recommend them to others.

    Marius Webb

    Sorrento, Victoria. May 2018
  • We had a 16 panel and inverter system installed. Could not be happier with the whole process. Useful and comprehensive advice in the beginning and on-time tradesmen who were fast and completed a very professional installation. We have already saved many hundreds of dollars, at this rate the system will have paid for itself within 3 years!

    Martin Symonds

    Strathbogie, Victoria. March 2018
  • eko supplied a great product on time and within a budget. The team kept me in the loop at all times and the installation crew were great too. I now leave the lights on all day, because I can! Thanks!

    Steve Tobin

    Longwood, Victoria. March 2018
  • We are very happy with our new solar system. Importantly, we were very happy with the seamless installation undertaken without fuss by the team from eko energy.

    David Briggs

    Brighton, Victoria. September 2017
  • Really pleased with my new solar system for the first time ever I’m looking forward to my next electricity bill. Thanks guys, really appreciate you making the process clear and easy to understand, your installer even vacuumed up after he was done!

    Aaron Bird

    Richmond VIC.